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Join me for one of the 5 week parenting classes called "Redirecting Children's Behavior" where you'll learn and practice the skills of how to go from frustration to cooperation.

This course is based upon the book called "Redirecting Children's Behavior." I am a certified instructor of "Redirecting Children's Behavior" by the International Network for Children and Families.

What you can gain from this course:

  • Eliminate arguing, scolding and yelling and threatening
  • Feel positive about your parenting skills
  • Create more time for yourself
  • Skills to promote agreement instead of fighting
  • Get on the same “parenting page” with your spouse

What your children will gain from this course:

  • Responsibility and initiative
  • Self-control and self-reliance
  • Good decision making skills
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Cooperation skills and develop successful attitudes

Who can benefit from this course:

  • Parents expecting or having children of any age, from toddlers to teens
  • Step-Parents, Grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters
  • Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers, Pediatricians, or anyone who relates to children.

The Class

Five weekly classes are held for a total of approximately 15 hours of instruction. This allows adequate time to practice and master the concepts. Weekly goals are set by each participant. Challenges and successes are shared in a warm supportive environment.


The standard fee is $280 per parent and $380 per couple. The fee includes all class materials: RCB book, workbook, and handouts.

Discounts are offered if you refer another person or couple and they join us.


"Before the RCB workshop, my parenting style involves raising my voice, punishment, rewards and bribes, fast to solution, and controlling. The RCB workshop has changed (redirected) my parenting style from fast to slow and stress to relax. I now speak to my kids in a calm and soft voice. I learned when to give them the full attention they need and it's been paying off. Our boys can't stop talking to us! I can definitely see some positive changes in our family dynamics. Out of this workshop, we developed a weekly family meeting, bi-weekly man-nights with the boys, family goals, and family chores and responsibilities. Most importantly, I feel more in control and more confident when dealing with the boys. I highly recommend this workshop for all parents and to-be parents.

Thank you for holding the workshop. You are really gifted in teaching and your compassion for all our challenges sets you apart from others." - A. H.

"Alan, It was my pleasure taking your class. I learned a lot--the class exceeded my expectations. The materials and your teaching methods have already produced tremendous results with the relationship I have with my family. I can see direct improvement in the interaction with my son and how he behaves based on my action (reaction before this class). Your class also helped me beyond parenting because I think it can be applied in everyday life aside of parenting."- S. V.

"Your class gave me daily actionable tools to not only redirect my kid’s behavior but most importantly manage my own behavior. I learned to treat my kids as growing adults instead of inexperienced dependents.

Four weeks into the class we started holding family meetings. These meetings have become a vital tool for my wife and I to keep the kids informed of major decisions, family vacations, and any current issues that need to be addressed. With every meeting, the kids have gotten more and more comfortable voicing their opinions and realizing that they have a vote that counts. I believe these meetings have empowered the boys and have matured them. Since we started the meetings we have had a flood of suggestions from each child of how things can improve. They can see that everything is documented and followed up on.

This class also taught me the importance of acknowledging each child’s feelings before I begin brainstorming a solution with them. I didn’t realize how important this was until I saw firsthand my 13 year old getting angrier and angrier with his younger brother until my wife simple said “I can see that Justen’s comments are really frustrating for you to listen to”. Once his feelings were recognized, he immediately disarmed and even said “thank you”!

Lastly I learned that my language and approach are not too advanced for my one year old. I learned that explaining things to him in full sentences and eliminated the use of words like “no” and “don’t” is quite a bit more effective. He loved to pull books off my shelves. I approached him with a calm voice. Complimented him on how hard he works on putting all the books on the floor and asked him to help me pick them up. He did help a bit but more importantly he has all but stopped destroying my bookshelves!" - S. H.

"The Redirecting Children Behavior class helped me not to view my child's tantrums solely as negative behavior, but rather as a mean to demand help, love, and a sense of control. Once I started using the tactics learned in the class to address these issues, the amount of tantrums decreased and our communication level increased." - M.E. M.





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