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Everyone is continuously having an experience of their own Life; even when we're asleep and dreaming we are experiencing our own internal workings. As a result of this continuous experience we are the world’s most knowledgeable authority about ourselves, what our Life is like from within ourselves. If I were to ask you, “What would be a greater experience of Life according to you?”

You might answer “What do you mean?” and my response is “In your own words, taking your experience of Life as you now have and know it, what would be a greater, a better, an enhanced experience of your Life? That is, one that would be more to your liking than it is now. Describe it to me in your own words.”

When I ask 20 different people this question without putting any words in their mouth, I get 20 different answers. But then I tell them, as I’m telling you now, the fundamental answer for everyone is the SAME! However, most of us are not vividly conscious of what that answer is until I ask them some more questions. For example, who would like to experience more Joy in their Life? So far, everyone that I have asked (over 1000 people) agrees they would like more Joy. Now we have one component of the same fundamental answer for everyone to the question, “What would be a greater experience of Life according to you?”: Joy! What would be another and another and another?

If you’re still a bit stumped, ask yourself “Would I like to have more Peace (less stress) in my Life?” Likely you’d give the same answer you did to the Joy question: Yes! There’s our second component of the same answer for everyone. Continuing in this vein of questioning yourself, “Would you like to have more Fulfillment/satisfaction in your Life?” Again, I venture to say you are thinking, “Who wouldn’t?”. And that’s my point! No one wouldn’t and everyone would. We all want more Joy, more Peace, more Fulfillment, and the list goes on: more Balance, more Abundance, more Wisdom, more Happiness, more Freedom, more Order, more Harmony, perfect Health, …. and especially more Love.

So you see we all want the same fundamental things. This is our common ground, all six billion of us on planet earth. Creating and sustaining a Life of having more of these things is what I have defined to be “Living Life Grand!” … and that’s why you are reading this now. We all want to Live Life Grand as much as possible. This concept is so much a part of who we are as human beings that our forefathers even put it in our Declaration of Independence: "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…."

Since we’ve agreed we all want the same fundamental things, that means that I know what you want.
And since I know what you want and I’m skilled at what I do, that means I can help you, your family, your organization, your club, your group, bring more of these things into your Life/Lives. You may be wondering "How do I know Alan Olson is skilled at what he does?".

For over a decade I have spent my Life inspiring people to be all they can and want to be. My forte and calling in Life is working with people and motivating them to have “A Greater Experience of Life” … that is, to Live Life Grand now and continuously in the future.

How do you find out if I am able to do this for you or your group?

Contact me and find out for yourself.

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